Sinus Surgery

Conditions Requiring Sinus Surgery

A lot of patients experiencing discomfort along their sinus area often disregard the pain since most of them assume that these discomforts are merely one-day conditions due to disappear the next day.

However, if these conditions persist, they may present a bigger problem, not only on the nose, but also on the sinus. If left unattended, these may further complicate, leading one to undergo sinus surgery.

What Are The Conditions Calling For Sinus Surgery?

Depending on the gravity of a person’s case, sinus-related problems may need surgery to relieve discomfort or remove any long-standing disturbance causing intense pain.

Severe nose block, which leads to difficulty in breathing, may need septoplasty to straighten the nasal bone or else reduce the turbinates. The case of nasal polyps also calls for Functional Endoscopic Surgery or else Balloon Sinuplasty.

Chronic Sinusitis also calls for Functional Endoscopic Surgery or Balloon Sinuplasty, and treatment, just like in most sinus-related surgeries, may last from one to two hours under general anaesthesia.

A crooked nasal bone, also called the deviated septum, also calls for septoplasty. An adenoidectomy, or removal of the adenoids, is needed to treat adenoiditis, which causes difficult breathing as well as ear ache.

People who have lost their sense of smell may require Functional Endoscopic Surgery or Balloon Sinuplasty too.

Why Sinus Surgery Is Important

The sinuses are the passageway of air to and from the body, and any disturbance to these will greatly impair a person’s breathing. In times when mere medication would not solve the problem, surgery is the next best solution to preventing sinus conditions from degrading.

Today, ENT doctors make use of an endoscope in seeing through the nasal passages and determining the cause of the problem. In the past, having to look at the passageways has been very tricky because they are too small, but the technology brought by the endoscopy has made diagnosis and surgery easier and more precise.

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