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Nose Doctor And Sinus Conditions

Nowadays, the proliferation of pollutants, fungi, bacteria and viruses in our environment predisposes everyone into having upper respiratory infections like sinusitis. In fact, some says that sinusitis is already a silent epidemic. Basically, sinusitis is an upper respiratory tract infection that is manifested by swelling and blockage of the lining of the sinuses. Over a period of time, this can lead to decrease the number of tiny hairs on the nasal cell surfaces.

Immunosupressed individuals are more prone to acquire sinusitis as they are more likely to host sinus infections. Extremes of ages, allergies, and autoimmune diseases among others are the top causes of chronic sinus infections. And, once you acquire this infection, the condition may last for a couple of weeks, months or even years.

Sinus Surgical Treatment That A Nose Doctor Will Prescribe

Most chronic sinusitis patients resort to over-the-counter-medications in treating their condition. However, if these medications don’t work, an ENT expert might suggest surgical intervention. One of these surgical interventions is the FESS or functional endoscopic sinus surgery. This surgical procedure is done by a surgeon wherein he washes out the sinuses and widens the drainage while utilising an endoscope. This procedure is usually done under general and local anaesthesia. Other surgical interventions are surgical removal of nasal polyps and correction of an obstruction that might be causing the obstruction.

Other Treatments For Sinusitis: From A Nose Doctor Perspective

Treating sinusitis can be very difficult. In fact, even after series of antibiotic treatments sinusitis symptoms may still persist. As such, symptomatic treatment is the last resort of people who suffer from chronic sinusitis. Decongestants and nasal sprays are the most common drugs that offer symptomatic relief. However, utilising such medications may cause adverse reactions, thus it is imperative to be extra cautious in using such.

While there are various treatment modalities for chronic sinusitis, it is still best to practice healthy lifestyle at all times. Manage stress as it tends to weaken the immune system, stop or avoid smoking and steer away from drugs.

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