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Ear Nose Throat Specialist: The Best Choice For Symptomatic Treatment Of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease is an incurable disease entity according to Wikipedia, thus its course of treatment focuses on symptomatic relief. Similar to what Wikipedia said, the medical field agrees that it is indeed an incurable condition. In fact, once you have this disease you will have it for life.

Basically, Meniere’s Disease is a health condition that affects the inner ear. The endolymphatic sac located in the inner ear that functions as a filter and prevents fluid accumulation in the semicircular canals becomes swollen in individuals suffering from this disorder. The inner ear, being the centre of neural hearing and balance makes individuals who suffer from this condition to manifest hearing and balance problems.

Meniere’s Disease: In The Perspective Of Ear Nose Throat Specialist

Up to this day, the exact pathophysiology of Meniere’s Disease is still unknown. However, it is believed that middle ear infections, head injuries and syphilis are predisposing factors to having the condition. Furthermore, other contributory risk factors include, but not limited to allergies, alcohol consumption, fatigue, respiratory infections, stress, medications, smoking and high sodium diet. On the other hand, the clinical manifestations of this condition may be acute or chronic. And over time, the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease lead to hearing loss.

Ear Nose Throat Specialist Advice On Symptomatic Relief Of Meniere’s Disease

Since most of the predisposing factors of Meniere’s Disease are not modifiable, perhaps the best and most effective way to alleviate clinical manifestations is by adhering to a low sodium diet. In fact, decreased daily dietary sodium intake is proven to reduce pressure in the inner ear and vertigo.

However, lowering dietary sodium intake is not just about eliminating salt at the table. In fact, there are lot of hidden sodium in seasonings, condiments, processed food, breads, pastries, and fast food among others. Therefore, it is advantageous to steer away from these types of food.

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